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The potential difference of the forklift battery

by:Vglory      2020-08-21
Forklift battery group developing the electric forklift forklift battery technology, driven in electric forklift forklift battery have high technical content, due to the need of expensive some basic know we know that the electromotive force, potential difference, energy devices need to know, after the completion of the general forklift battery charging in positive plate lead dioxide through interaction with water molecules in sulfuric acid, hydrogen can be generated lead oxide, hydrogen dioxide is a dissociation of volatile substances, when there is no WaiLu conductance under the action of trendy chemical produce certain potential difference between the two plates, this is the electromotive force of the battery. The chemical principle is used to store and output energy, when the positive and negative plates come into contact with the water in the sulfuric acid solution reaction occurs, will produce the corresponding energy electromotive force ( About 2 v) 。 If the load is connected to the positive and negative electrodes, there will be an electric current passes through, lithium battery plate of live material also will be converted to lead sulfate, the above is the discharge process of lithium-ion batteries; If the reverse current access to the lithium battery positive and negative plate is living substance into lead dioxide, and lead, respectively, which reflects the process of charging. According to this principle, when lithium batteries don't damage the normal infinite number of charging discharge, but also in the operation of the lead acid lithium battery in the release of other gases, because in the operation of a chemical reaction, chemical reaction of material contain a variety of electric ion and reaction of the electrolyte will be a small amount of consumption, the process will be the production of hydrogen and oxygen, so the forklift battery is need maintenance and maintenance, to extend the life of the normally imported forklift battery loop 1500 times, improper control, could fall to 1000 times or hundreds of times. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=704& lid=83
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