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The positive and negative polarity of electric vehicle battery with ampere rule to identify whether it is feasible?

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric vehicle battery we are unable to distinguish the polarity, must strictly check can get through, generally the positive and negative have obvious label on the battery, but there are some logo is not clear or fuzzy factories at home and abroad, then need to measure the positive and negative polarity can only be installed correctly, otherwise there is the possibility of burning vehicles instrument desk, the high price of electric vehicle batteries, must strictly abide by the instructions before use, also can distinguish by ampere rule, is often called the corkscrew rule, is said excitation current and current direction of the magnetic induction of the magnetic field lines of relationship between rule. Principle holding solenoid with his right hand, four fingers to bend and the same as that of current in the solenoid, the thumb referred to in the end for the solenoid N pole, the experimental steps use solenoid, resistor, switch, power supply wire connection is good, according to the above device at one end of the solenoid is placed a known magnetic pole of a magnetic, closed switch, N pole pointing to observe small needle resting, according to the rule of the interaction between the magnetic pole, to judge at the ends of the solenoid polarity ( A terminal for the S pole, b side for the N pole) , and then according to the ampere rule can determine the direction of the current in the coil ( Positive solenoid current direction down) , the current flowed from positive, from the power of the cathode flow ( C side is positive, d end for cathode) 。
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