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The plate active material of lithium battery forklift fall off

by:Vglory      2020-08-30
As is known to all, lithium battery forklift is depend on the positive and negative plate group with sulfuric acid to produce chemical energy, is a power from the electrical energy to mechanical energy principle of forklift lithium battery plate whether active material balance, to determine whether its battery life and current smooth excessive, when forklift battery life reached a stage, use a shorter time, we can remove battery pole group, capacity, on the other hand, easy to cause the positive and negative plate in the bottom of the battery short circuit, make the battery life of early termination. If because of active material loss, cause a short circuit at the bottom of the plate, you need to take out a group of, remove the sediment, clear plate short circuit parts, will be a group of load cell, replace the new electrolyte, again with small current charging, and adjust the electrolyte in the late charge density and liquid level height, restore the battery to use; This is the only way to repair forklift lithium battery active material loss.
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