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The new energy vehicles to see China's creation

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
In many people's minds, our country's environmental protection science and technology are not advanced, however, for many a visit to the viewers, a session of CHTF on this cognition is turning. To scientific research in our country the weaknesses of new energy vehicles, for example, by the shenzhen one of the organizers of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specially set up the 'new energy vehicles and car networking project pavilion' around the theme of 'green, smart, both Chinese', not only shows the new energy automobile application engineering of the whole and the parts, also reflects the Chinese to create infinite possibility. In the 'new energy vehicles and car networking project pavilion', shenzhen local car company byd ( BYD) Company shows the carrying of the second generation of DM hybrid 'qin' cut a swath model cars. It is understood that as a hybrid to accelerate from 0 to 100 km in six seconds, and a top speed of 185 km/h, and hundreds of kilometers fuel consumption only 2 l; Even in the condition of pure electric drive can run 70 km, dealing with the city business travel, daily entertainment daily demand more than enough. By byd independent research and development of car in the various parameters on the performance of a hybrid advanced work. In geely automobile exhibition booth, is still in a state of development of pure electric vehicles EC7 - EV has attracted the attention of many people. Design the range of about 165 km and 250 km long mileage two sets of battery combination, top speed reached a surprising 200 km/h; Charging speed of up to 80% in 30 minutes! Display such advanced new energy vehicles, let the audience imagine the future without exhaust, also let the audience are amazing on CHTF amazing was so incredible. , perhaps, the present traditional auto industry with the door, brand impression, however, as the oil resources drying up, the society for the growing importance of environmental protection, traditional cars will become an anachronism, new energy vehicles will become a new industry shine. China will be on the greenery to create infinite possibility, amplification, extension, and even abroad, cannot leave the CHTF this provide docking, communication, finance professional platform. The previous CHTF all exclamation of China's new energy vehicles have advanced, you can imagine, the opening date, the 17th CHTF will be created in China again to refresh our cognition.
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