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The motor industry may not be there yet with reliable

by:Vglory      2020-06-07
When viewed as a pure about town car the technical details are impressive. The electric motor, housed below the rear storage compartment much as the 1.0 petrol engine would otherwise be, gives out 35bhp. The production model aims to enhance that to 41bhp with improved battery and electrical efficiency technology. The 0-30mph time is 6.5 seconds making it an adequate drive for typical urban driving conditions, similarly for the 62mph top speed. Like most electric cars the fortwo is quiet upon starting up, a winner on noise pollution too. Once moving the single speed transmission is simply a joy to drive around city streets and avoids the hassles of even an automatic gear box. Tight parking spaces are child's play to negotiate. Perhaps the only major downside to the quality of the drive is the way in which the short wheelbase leads to a jerky passage over speed bumps and pot holes but this is not a problem specific to this model but a wider Smart micro car issue. The interior is laid out similarly to the petrol diesel models but gauges measuring electricity usage and battery charge have taken the place of the usual fuel gauges. The range of the fortwo is estimated at 84 miles and the charge time is an 6-8 hours for a full charge. The 15.6kW/100km power efficiency equates to 162 mpg. These statistics certainly bring the fortwo into the realm of an electric car that is practical to own and run every day. When you consider the further financial benefits of exemptions from vehicle tax and congestions charges then this could be a vehicle well worth the initial investment. Such is the cost Smart does expect 80% of the initial buyers to be from the corporate market. Such is the promise of the SMART fortwo EV 30kW, 'EV' looks set in the medium term future to become the manufacturer's standard engine. Smart fortwo EV 30k As A Fleet Car The obvious advantage for selecting this car for a fleet is that the Smart fortwo is so relevant, in a world where the considerations for both the price of fuel and the environment are so important. Additionally there are the financial benefits of avoiding congestion taxes as well as benefiting from vehicle tax exemption.
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