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The ministry of power battery industry specifications

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
As people living standard gradually, more and more strict with environment, the development before governance after the line has been left behind, as lead-acid battery electric vehicle battery, car battery category, in the life circle of pollution not peek, large enterprises are now in finishing sewage equipment, our country also customize the battery access conditions. On March 27, the ministry web site conditions of the auto motive battery industry norms, encouraged car do best and stronger motive battery enterprises, set up product specification and quality assurance system, strengthen technology and management innovation, improve the level of product development and manufacturing, improve product performance and quality, meet the demand of the development of new energy vehicles industry. Specification conditions from the enterprise basic demands, production conditions, technical ability, product requirements, quality assurance capability requirements, sales and after-sales service, standardized management and so on seven aspects of automobile power battery industry specification advice is given. Basic requirements enterprise, lithium ion power battery monomer enterprises annual output capacity of no less than 200 million watts, nickel metal hydride enterprise annual output capacity of no less than 10 million watts of power battery monomer, super capacitor monomer enterprises producing ability is not less than 5 million watts. System enterprise annual output capacity of no less than 10000 or 200 million watts. Technical ability request, the enterprise shall be equipped with corresponding research and development personnel, it shall not be less than 10% of total employees or amount shall not be less than 100 people. ( Reporter wang hui)
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