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The main factors influencing the electric car battery service life

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Electric car belongs to a kind of lead-acid battery, the battery is mainly for the purpose of discharge, is a major source of power, loading and unloading of electric vehicle is a kind of chemical power source, its structure, is south the anode, cathode, electrolyte and spacer and container, which check the negative poles of the active material and electrolyte chemistry, plays a leading role on the battery current. Many factors, the service life of electric vehicle battery actually plays a main role has the following several aspects. 1, float charging pressure Settings affect battery life float charging pressure of setting has a very important influence on the life of the battery, the unreasonable FuKe voltage main influencing tuen pool check plate grid corrosion rate and cell gas emissions. 2, the influence of the equalizing charge method for battery life equalizing charge enough to prevent some batteries due to the inconsistency of capacity, the pressure for additional electricity. When equalizing charge discharge of gas than float charging more than dozens of times, so the charging time cannot too long, charging pressure cannot be too high, in order to avoid surplus gas affect oxygen recombination efficiency, loss of water increases, and make the board gate corrosion speed increase, so as to damage the battery. 3 is excessive, excessive discharge of battery discharge are the important factors that affect the service life of the battery. This situation mainly occur in the converter after the blackout, battery for power supply during the load. When the battery is excessive discharge, will cause the battery inside a large number of lead sulfate are adsorbed to the cathode surface, form the battery just very 'sulfate lead sulfate itself is a kind of insulators. Cathode lead sulfate formed, the more the greater the internal resistance of battery, battery charging and discharging Sui can the worse, battery capacity, falls faster, its service life is shorter. The article comes from
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