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The influence of depth of discharge, the lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Forklift batteries, although say deep cycle discharge the battery, if the loss of electricity in the past, the plate will accelerate, lithium battery caused low efficiency because of the often large current discharge, forklift limited 1 itself. More than 1, 5 tons of long-term fork goods. 5 tons or close to 1. 5 tons, affect the service life of the lithium battery discharge depth is very big also, the deeper the depth of lithium battery discharge, the number of recycling the less, although small exile electric power to improve the efficiency of the lithium battery, but when use small current discharge for a long time, will lead to actual discharge capacity of the lithium-ion batteries exceed its rated capacity, resulting in serious depth discharge lithium-ion batteries, when the lithium battery discharge depth is limit, and avoid long time, caused by light load discharge lithium battery deep discharge, more want to avoid lithium battery short circuit discharge, otherwise, will seriously damage of lithium battery recharging ability and storage capacity, shorten service life. A set of lithium battery forklift, according to a 1500 - cycle lifetime calculation, large current discharge, if long-term depth at least shorten half life.
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