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The importance of electric vehicle battery after-sales service

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electric vehicle battery after-sales service cost is very heavy, it's advisable to choose products with long warranty, electric car batteries, a 1500 - cycle life, clear in the contract warranty 2 years, huge technical service team, can support services throughout the country, timely response, product quality is best, of course, is widely used all kinds of areas such as logistics, warehousing, technically solve customers all kinds of difficult problems. Electric vehicle battery market for many years, good reputation, it is suitable for linde, and resultant force, jianghuai, TCM, power electric, electric vehicle, such as to form a complete set of Europe and the United States, or electric motor car use, such as Japan, South Korea, and we are committed to, in my company to buy electric vehicle batteries, unconditional replacement monomer warranty period.
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