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The golf cart battery prophase scheme in operation and maintenance

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
For the vast number of users, the golf cart battery suddenly without electricity is a problem that let people off guard and helpless. In fact, as long as pay more attention to the situation of car at ordinary times, take measures in time when find battery power down, this problem can be avoid completely. And, when the car won't start because of battery without electricity, the owners do not muddling through, should follow the principle of a few. Plan ahead, gas evolution type golf cart battery power less than three warning: 1 to prevent battery suddenly without electricity, the best way is usually pay more attention to 'SOS' from their car. Shortage of power battery performance mainly have three: one is the starter does not turn or turn the faint, that he can't a starter; The second is headlights dark than usual; Three speaker volume is small and even. 2 in order to minimize the battery power consumption, jiang construction put forward two Suggestions: first, to avoid the engine for a long time under the condition of open lamp or listening to the radio. Second, even if the engine is running, if stop for a long time, also should have the unnecessary use of electrical equipment ( Inside and outside the car lights and audio, navigation, etc. ) Power off. 3 mentioned above three omen of battery power shortage in the process of driving is not difficult to detect, but there are many car owners did not put them with the battery power is insufficient, thought is only a matter of intermittent small without care, finally caused the situation of drive midway suddenly without electricity.
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