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The feasibility of power battery recycling

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
New energy vehicles in more developed countries to promote unceasingly, has a production application also must be discarded, it is sure not to move the industry rules, though, is currently listed vehicles are still in use, but, is calculated according to the service life of the new energy vehicles scrapped after power battery processing become a needs to solve the problem. From the point of view of economics, anything can be reused, of course, is the best, and power battery is the high value products. However, power battery recycling have realistic feasibility? It shall be from the following several phenomena to explain. One is a lot of power battery will arrive in the next few years retirement period. Is expected in 2015, power battery scrap in about 2 ~ 40000 tons, by around 2020, our country only pure electric ( Including the plug-in) Passenger cars and hybrid electric vehicle power battery scrap amount will reach 12 ~ 170000 tons of scale. The second is available after power battery recycling. High power battery price is directly related with its high value of the main elements. Now the power battery is mainly divided into two types: ni-mh power battery recycling main object for nickel, cobalt and rare earth elements, recovery technology is ripe; Power lithium battery in copper, aluminum, nickel and cobalt as the main target of recycling. The current lithium ion battery cathode material ternary in all kinds of the anode materials recovery value is highest, lithium iron phosphate recovery value smaller, manganese acid lithium battery anode materials, and lithium battery recycling process cost is higher. A third is environmental protection. As power battery of lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries do not contain mercury, heavy metals such as cadmium, lead poisoning is big, but it is substance such as anode materials and electrolyte solution still has a great influence on the environment. Its 4 it is economic problem. Unlike now dry cell, dry cell once environmental standards don't have to do the recycling, because its price is small, and recycled use value is not high. Lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries for power battery is different, for example, power lithium battery service life is about 20 years, but only 3 ~ 5 years for car power. Because of attenuation in its capacity to below 80% of the initial capacity, range of electric vehicles will be significantly reduced, but for energy storage system, the battery still has great use value. According to the product characteristics and economical characteristics of the power battery in China formulated the corresponding recycling route, and the policy of promoting vividly reflected in the energy saving and new energy vehicles industry development planning ( 2011 ~ 2020) In '. In order to effectively achieve the power battery recycling, advocate a pilot application. Capacity of less than 80% of the cells from electric cars, after retiring from may continue to used for grid storage, or as the power source of the electric field car such as low speed car. And from the storage device or low-speed electric vehicle secondary out the battery down, there may be other third, fourth time utilization. Can finally, the recovery of associated elements is returned to the lithium battery manufacturers, so the cascade utilization, can let the power battery value into full play, so as to reduce the cost of the phase in the car battery, to promote the electric car popularity ahead of time.
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