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The failure of electric forklift battery change

by:Vglory      2020-09-10
Electric forklift battery capacity of the power relies on multiple monomers in series, single battery capacity is very high, but the voltage value is low, the summation of series after can achieve the basic requirement of the forklift, we most often see is single battery failure, capacity drops very fast, even zero in proportion, not storage, causes the whole forklift battery will not work, can meet the original work 8 hours a day, monomer after short circuit, it's only half an hour or a few minutes, appear this kind of circumstance, general customers are direct replacement of monomer battery or whole replacement, within the time limitation, more than 2 years makes little sense to replace the monomers, we suggest that the two years of battery can replace the new battery replacement, more than 2 years time and several individual battery voltage, capacity and the proportion of disequilibrium, all change after, electric forklift battery after a few months, basic let the capacity of the battery was flat, charging and discharging output can't be consistent, because lithium battery is gradual failure products, this is due to the performance of all kinds of materials used are gradually aging. If a full charge after long-term storage conditions, will be in the process of self-discharge, its capacity will reduce gradually, and this phenomenon is inevitable. Long-term storage condition is the cause of the battery self-discharge battery internal chemical and electrochemical reactions. Both anode and cathode, its activation material will gradually by the decomposition and reaction of sulfuric acid and becomes stable lead sulfate, which is to discharge. To discharge the battery is lower in storage capacity and life of the internal reasons, when the environment temperature, will accelerate the process of self-discharge. Temperature rise every 1 o ℃, all kinds of raw materials of chemical reaction rate will speed up a times, battery life also will shorten the half. Generally speaking, should as far as possible to keep the battery temperature in the 20 ℃. Temperature is too high or too low, adverse to the battery storage life; Electric forklift battery monomer reasons for such changes are in the process of charging more and less, must not appear one, add to avoid the next time to reduce this kind of mentality, uneven monomer liquid electrolyte, leading to late capacity is also inconsistent. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD force by the research, development, forklift battery for many years, I know that the origin of the monomer battery failure change. Pay more attention to news please shenzhen:
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