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The decline of the lead-acid battery production of high-end market by lithium battery 'invasion'

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Because lead city downstream consumption are mainly composed of lead-acid battery, so the rise and fall of the industry, certainly will determine the fate of the whole industry in the future. But for now, it seems that bad than good, lead the outlook more bleak. The National Bureau of Statistics released the latest figures show that China lead-acid battery production in September of 2015 to 17985767. 99 kva, year-on-year decline in 13. 72%. 1-2015 In September 150646332 cumulative China lead-acid battery production. 22 kva, year-on-year decline in 10. 47%. The latest data shown in the following table: can see from the data, the domestic production of lead-acid battery is a significant decline; And such a big decline have been able to fully explain. As is known to all, a huge impact on lead-acid battery consumption, in addition to economic quality lead to changes in demand, more major is substitute for lithium ion battery technology is mature. Because of the price of lithium battery had 4 - is lead-acid battery price More than 5 times, so the alternative is not strong; But today, the price of the low end of the lithium battery to as low as 3 times the price of lead-acid battery, and its service life is 3 times of lead-acid battery, and much lighter weight than lead-acid batteries, more convenient to carry, so the competitiveness has been gradually revealed. Lithium battery, of course, there are also some disadvantages, such as: electrical energy attenuation when the power is extremely fast, charging relatively trouble, range is generally less than lead-acid batteries, etc. ; And do not appear to have a breakthrough in terms of high power battery technology; But these shortcomings has his flaws, lithium battery now actually already boarded the stage of the competition, to start with the lead-acid battery preempted market; And the current development trend, the future will be more and more cake was it points to, so lead the city's long-term consumer outlook in fact have a darkening! In addition, and from industrial side: since 2014, national and local good policy has been issued about new energy vehicles. In 2015 the State Council issued the 'made in China 2025' planning, including key is proposed to support the development of new energy vehicles; And policy dividend has stimulated the rapid development of new energy car production. The main impetus for new energy vehicles from electricity, and more than 80% of the new energy vehicles on the market at present is using a lead-acid battery. According to related statistics, eight big enterprise in paragraph 13 cars on sale, there are 6 models using ternary lithium batteries, and concentrated in the models was introduced in 2014 and beyond. Still accounts for half of the lithium iron phosphate battery, in addition to iron phosphate lithium, manganese acid lithium battery applications. Penetration increased, but the low-end market still occupied by lead-acid batteries. So from the point of view, the development of new energy automotive industry for lead-acid battery industry appears to be a lot of help. But what is called happy one side, will also mixed. Really long hot lead battery consumption tax finally fall to the ground, the Ministry of Finance and the state administration of taxation jointly issued a notice on the coating of excise taxes on the battery, clearly put forward since January 1, 2016, the consumption tax on lead-acid batteries according to 4% tax rate. Thin margins due to the current domestic lead battery industry, industry average profit is only 3% or so, so relevant enterprises which had strongly opposed to impose consumption tax. But as the final result of the ground, everything has become a fait accompli, many enterprises are pessimistic thought, a move that could be crushed lead battery industry 'last straw'! But taken together, the future of consumption tax impose influence on the domestic market in the short term or is still small, but exports to lead battery products in China is expected to produce great influence; In 2014 China's exports of lead battery is bigger, but after a 4% consumption tax, price advantage will disappear, so in the future or will face more severe tests. And on the other hand, the 'notice' for mercury-free battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium battery and lithium ion battery, solar batteries, fuel cells and the vanadium flow batteries shall be exempted from the consumption tax, which amounts to encourage the development of electric enterprises of lead-acid battery; And that in the long run, to lead the industry also is bound to bring adverse impact. 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