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The cycle of lithium battery forklift battery life, floating life and storage life

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Lithium battery forklift battery life can be analysed according to several aspects: cycles, floating, and so on various aspects, our country consumes a large number of forklift lead batteries, the number of secondary pollution caused by high, how to provide forklift battery service life, this is the study of the each battery manufacturer to consider methods, reduce the capacity of lithium-ion batteries to the specified value in the past, lithium battery charge and discharge cycle times referred to as the cycle of life. Under normal working conditions, lithium battery of floating power supply time, referred to as a floating life. Usually free maintenance battery of floating life can reach more than 10 years. The depth of the cycle life every time and the battery discharge has a close relationship. Discharge depth is 30%, the charge and discharge cycles of up to 1200 times; Discharge depth is 100%, the cycle life of only 200 times. Battery deep discharge in use should be avoided. According to the results of the accelerated life test, valve control and maintenance-free battery at room temperature, floating life can reach more than 10 years. Shall be stated, float charging pressure too high or too low, can make the lithium battery charging or owe charging, thus will affect the service life of the battery. Due to the effect self-discharge, storage process, maintenance-free battery remaining capacity reduces by xi resembles, usually, the residual capacity of battery down to about 50% of the time, known as the storage life. Under the different temperature, the residual capacity of battery have a corresponding relationship with storage time. When the environment temperature is 250 c, the storage life of up to 18 months. When the environment temperature is 400 c, life expectancy is only more than 5 months, therefore, maintenance-free battery storage temperature not too high. Lithium battery service life of the relationship with the environment temperature is very large. Generally speaking, if the 25 ℃ as a benchmark, usually no more than 15 degrees ~ + + 30 degrees. Battery discharge capacity increases as the temperature increases, but life is reduced, if use for a long time at high temperature, every working environment temperature 10 ℃, the use of lithium battery life by half. If the temperature is too low, can make the lithium battery capacity drop, drop in temperature of 1 degree, its capacity by 1%. So, when the power is in a state of floating work, need to compensate by reducing the charging pressure, compensation coefficient for every 1 ℃ environment temperature, each battery monomer ( 2 V monomer) Low float charging voltage 3 - 5 mV。 But temperature compensation function can only play a role in certain scope, lithium battery in 20 - it is best to work 25 ℃ environment. If the lithium battery voltage releases the rated capacity of 80% ( Against the corresponding parameters such as discharge rate capacity such as C10, C3) Before has less than 1. 8 v/single ( 1 hour rate discharge for 1. 75 v/single) , should consider to be replaced. And don't often use undervoltage, don't often large current continuous discharge ( Current is greater than 1 c) , long time need not when, want enough electricity place, again after placement of the environment temperature is 20 + / - to the best 5 ° C, is suitable for use of the environment temperature is 5 ~ 35 ° C, below 0 ° C when using, had better not suddenly large current discharge, higher than 45 ° C, it's best to stop using the battery after timely supplement of electricity, but in moderation, don't overcharge, otherwise it will cause the battery water loss and shorten their lives. Discharge current of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery, charging method is also a prerequisite for the battery life. News from shenzhen, newshow. asp吗? nid=677& lid=83
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