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The correct way to charge mobile phone lithium battery

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
The correct way to charge mobile phone lithium battery is more and more when the smart phone battery is not used. Most young people use mobile phones to play games for a long time and watch videos. It takes a few hours or even a whole day to watch them. There is no electric charge when playing mobile phones. When playing video, the damage to the mobile phone lithium battery is very large, and the small current mobile phone lithium battery, high-power discharge, directly affect the reputation and cycle of lithium battery use, and the ability will become less and less. In addition to washing twice, three times a day, people can play games and the video load can reach four times more than a surprise, and the lithium battery life and charging, the lithium battery, the shorter the life, the normal mobile phone lithium battery cycle life is about 500 times, If the mobile phone lithium battery will continue to cycle 3 times a day, his reputation and power consumption will drop by about 45%. After half a year, the mobile phone will be charged. Some people who don’t know about the Apple mobile phone lithium battery have also summarized a set, and the correct lithium battery Battery theory: It is said that there are living expenses related to lithium batteries, so each cost is 100%; if the power supply is not less than 10%, do not charge, you can use a charging socket with a current larger than the original charging socket when charging; try to control the frequency of using the phone every day ,and many more. But these charging theories are full of wrong methods, making your mobile phone lithium battery more and more difficult to use from a practical point of view. The following is the method to charge the mobile phone: 1. Charge the lithium battery when the power is less than 25%; 2. The charging socket should be used in the original factory, because the original factory charging socket management chip and charging current are tailored to the mobile phone lithium battery. Remember not to use a high-current charging socket to charge; 3. Under normal circumstances, it only takes 4-5 hours to charge a mobile phone with a low battery, and unplug it in time after fully charged. Some people like to sleep and charge 10 hours per night. 4. Do not use or charge the mobile phone in a high temperature or low temperature environment for a long time. This will affect the capacity and service life of the lithium battery; Statement: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact Delete the previous article: Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium batteries
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