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The consistency of power battery

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
As is known to all, power battery products to achieve safety, high energy density and good high and low temperature performance, need to have a higher consistency, but the consistency and stability of the power battery is poor in China has long been reviled. And that with the domestic battery manufacturing process, quality monitoring and equipment level is relatively backward has important relationship. Automation and quality control does not reach the designated position, according to industry experts, Japan and South Korea and other countries of the battery and battery production line by 'full automatic feeding, continuous pulp, pole piece and batteries, battery, battery assembly automation into and screening, battery pack and module assembly automation, automatic logistics and online quality detection' and so on more than ten technological process, high degree of automation; And domestic power battery manufacturing process automation level is relatively low, such as continuous slurry system, many domestic enterprises is a can a can, is not a continuous operation. In addition, countries such as Japan and South Korea to strictly control the quality of the production process. In the process of production, through the automation of operation to control the production environment ( Reduce the dust particles and water content) ; To control the impurity in the material; Improve pulp and coating process ( Improve adhesion) on anode materials are ; Improve the pole piece and the molding process, control of larger burr; Improve the batteries manufacturing accuracy and avoid lithium is negative dislocation analysis; Improving the performance of cell structures and the diaphragm, adjust the injection fluid technology, improve the effect of electrolyte rapid and fully infiltrates, etc. , to guarantee the quality of battery and standardized finally. Zi-dong wang, director of the center for media, according to the power battery testing in LG production power battery factory investigation understands, the plant on the entire range of power battery production control points for 1000; And domestic all power battery production enterprises to reach such a strict quality control level, usually dozens of control points, more is the hundreds. Manufacturing equipment backward in addition to the manufacturing process automation and quality control level is poorer, power battery automatic production line equipment and test equipment in our country with foreign flat level. Power battery belong to high-end manufacturing, need high manufacture precision. Production process, in order to improve quality, reduce production cost, improve the consistency of the battery pack, reliance on automation equipment is very large. In recent years the domestic automated production line equipment and battery testing equipment technology compared with Japan and South Korea, the overall difference is very big, only some progress in single machine automation,, loop to introduce basic is a high price. Analysis according to the expert inside course of study, there are many reasons for this phenomenon, first of all, equipment manufacturers lack of funding and technology, there is no ability to upgrade, and domestic battery production enterprises purchase equipment is basically cramming, not in advance on research and development, only in the capacity can't meet the demand of the order, need to expand the scale of production when purchasing equipment, as a result, almost no time with equipment manufacturers to jointly develop suitable production line; Second, battery production enterprises lack the overall design personnel, at the same time worried about tell the production process to manufacture the chamber leak trade secrets, don't want to listen to the manufacturer's recommendations, usually only for equipment use, rarely mention equipment the cohesion between the requirements, and equipment manufacturers without the development of the initiative, so don't want to too much focusing on the development of new technology. It is reported that Japan's battery enterprises in order to shorten the development cycle and remain competitive in the industry, and industrial chain upstream of the new material, equipment manufacturing enterprise cooperation is very tight, is usually a development and production together. Power battery is a technology and capital intensive industry, battery enterprises should it describes enterprise experience, increased investment in technology, capital, and industrial chain upstream of the equipment manufacturers, material together, the industry in urgent need of the common equipment for joint development and production, in order to realize automatic and intelligent power battery production line to; In addition, in view of the situation of poor equipment automation industry in China, the government should also give money to support, introduce the key technology and equipment, make enterprise research and development, focus on research and upgrade in advance. Earlier this year, the ministry joint industry inside and outside the nine companies invest 500 million yuan capital to form a power battery research and development platform is a good try, should continue to push. Together only the government, enterprises and research institutions, is likely to achieve power battery fine control and quality monitoring of production process, and finally cracked the problem of power battery 'consistency'. Lithium battery, USES the domestic and international first-line brand batteries, power strong. USES the advanced automatic sorting equipment, to ensure the consistency of the battery to achieve the best. Make the battery life longer, safe and stable performance. Source: China battery
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