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The classification of lithium battery forklift and forklift steering system

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
As an important component of lithium battery forklift is a forklift main traction, the performance impact of forklift steering, the output power, working time and forklift circuit and other parts, as non-polluting electric forklift truck, when the output current through the hours, forklift bearing capacity will be greatly reduced, and the distance increases, the vehicle running feel powerless, equally physical function, the car up the fork and vehicle speed rate slow down. Balance weight type of lithium battery forklift steering system can be divided into pure electric power steering and pure hydraulic steering. Pure electric power steering system generally consists of: the steering wheel, steering shaft, universal joint, signal generator, controller, steering motor and the crank connecting rod mechanism motion, the steering wheel with the crank connecting rod mechanism motion, realization of forklift steering, pure hydraulic steering system in general by the steering motor driver steering hydraulic steering gear is equipped with a safety valve, pressure setting steering system. Hydraulic system of hydraulic oil by directly connected with the motor pump supply, when pull the multi-way valve stem, valve stem signal switch, switch on the control of oil pump contactor, absorption oil pump motor, drive produces high pressure oil pump, the whole system work. Other such as lifting system, brake system and diesel car brand affinity, body system is generally welding structure, different balance weight is heavier, the installation of electrical control system, shenzhen power supply co. , LTD is a lithium battery forklift as the center of the main company, can provide custom-made, forklift battery forklift power box welding, maintenance, desulfurization integration services, can also supply import or original lithium battery. More news source
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