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The characteristics of the portable portable power station

by:Vglory      2020-08-16
Portable portable power station is an integration of a variety of function model of the portable power supply system, can be placed in indoor or in outdoor, and choose according to the different way of using solar battery charging, charging and power grid. Is suitable for various kinds of loads, and configure the 5 v and 12 v dc output, for consumer electronics and automotive electrical power supply. Built-in high security of the battery, configuration of advanced battery management system, can guarantee the safety of long life and use process of the battery. Portable portable power station S420 meet outdoor exploration, mining research, outdoor travel, prairie areas, media vehicle, such as medical treatment, emergency start and field operations power supply requirements. The characteristics of portable portable power station: 1, small, lightweight, mobility is strong; 2, large capacity, can be all kinds of equipment for emergency life; 3, support, ac, dc, USB and other voltage output; 4, high-performance, high-quality ternary lithium ion battery; 5. With M. 年代。 P multiple protection design, short circuit protection, over current protection, over power protection, under-voltage protection, over temperature protection and other battery protection function; 6, support the adapter, solar energy, car power supply and so on the many kinds of charging power supply; 7, factory direct sale, super long warranty, 12 months; 8, OEM and ODM and customized services;
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