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The benefits of forklift battery online monitoring

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Forklift battery price is quite expensive, it is the most important power source of the forklift truck, especially second-hand forklift, May 2 - when to buy 30000 yuan, but at the time of replacement battery forklift, prices may be occupied the whole half the value of the forklift truck, so it is very crucial, preventive maintenance, build online online monitoring system can timely know the operation situation of forklift battery, to feedback the actual data can be clear at a glance, generally from the beginning of the injected liquid electrolyte, moment occurred in chemical reactions, especially in valve control type lithium battery, its chemical reaction is invisible, imperceptible to the touch. Check the sexual discharge test accurately found behind the battery, but not before the test found behind the battery, there is no guarantee that after the test does not fail, and a lot of work, therefore, the traditional testing maintenance means not only the source of the lack of information acquisition, less professional means of comprehensive analysis, the unable to timely find fault has occurred and the existing hidden trouble, bring serious threat to production and safety. So only use lithium battery online intelligent monitoring system, shorten the charging and discharging cycle and other auxiliary examination means, reduce the blind spot of lithium battery monitoring, real-time control of lithium battery performance trends, to ensure that lithium battery run in healthy condition. The on-line detection forklift battery should possess the functions? As people the thorough study of valve control type sealed lead acid battery, lithium battery internal resistance has become a measure of an important indicator of battery is good or bad, internal resistance testing become an important means for battery maintenance. Internal resistance with no strict mathematical relationship between lithium battery capacity, according to a single battery internal resistance to predict the life and capacity of lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery internal resistance increases suddenly, the capacity of lithium-ion batteries will change, through the internal resistance test data accumulating and quantitative analysis, battery capacity change trend can be deduced and life situation. Artificial resistance test time, less test data, general requirements once a year, the test data is not stored in time and keep for many years, poor analysis function. So the battery inspection, on the basis of increased internal resistance online detection, and USES the modern communication and computer technology, such as lithium battery online intelligent monitoring system is established; At home temporarily didn't really improve the system, including the torch lithium battery, the same as industry leader, but involve various configurations of online detection, plant data, and so on. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=699& lid=83
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