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The battery advantages and disadvantages of analysis

by:Vglory      2020-06-06
Along with the science and technology unceasing development, various kinds of electronic products into our life, batteries as a removable energy and reserve energy, use the battery has already become our daily the indispensable part in life, such as cell phones, laptops, flashlight, etc. However, the battery can say is the production of many, and ultimately, abandoned much; Centralized production, dispersing pollution; Short-term use, long-term pollution. Section 1 battery went bad in the soil, can make 1 square meters of soil permanent loss of value; A grain of button batteries can make the 600 tons of water contaminated, equivalent to a man's life's water quantity... However, in reality, a lot of used batteries with ordinary life rubbish or throw away together, battery if cannot be environmental purification, meeting pollution of groundwater, crops, destroying human living environment, and indirect threat to human health. In order to let more people know the dangers of battery, we explore the battery of the pros and cons of the subject. Through a lot of material, finished query the battery of the pros and cons of the subject. The subject of our inquiry a record results. We students also use a group, hope battery in this subject, can let you enjoy the results brought by meanwhile, battery, improve the harm of about battery protection awareness. Subject material Battery origin The earliest cells are battery while volts fell dozen play battery is the world's first hair appliances. 1786, Italy biological anatomists, Nebuchadnezzar LvJi blessed thinning in cut off his head and stripped the frog frog skin, it found that an extremely odd phenomenon: he hands holding the poles were different metal rod inadvertently to two metal bar is also touch on lap dead frogs, at this moment, the frog thigh muscles will twitch once. This and thigh muscles are stimulating current exaggerated proportions and happen twitching. In 1796, to be published in a book, he explained to animal electricity. The unexpected findings, caused the physicist of great interest and attention. For many years, physicists have been looking for a way to create current method. They think, frog's muscles are generated currents, maybe some liquid in muscles in play a role. So they took two different pieces of metal soak in various solution for the test. Through the research and test, the first successful is Italian physicist volts dozen. He plays from 1793 to this contraction phenomenon was interested. He summed up the reason in two metal contact, which he produced manufacturing the first batteries column type battery ideas. Volt dozen public made a famous experiment: use a silver and a and it the size of zinc plate, intermediate clip a piece of wet paper and make a group of the most original battery. With 20 group, fell dozen group of 30, 60 groups such battery joined together, the current to flow more. At this moment, if my fingers to contact once this a string of battery, will significantly at opposite ends of the MaSuSu feeling produced. If using a wire leads to end to touch the other end, can see the flickering spark. After continuous research, he found that use saline instead of plain water, generate more edm. After changing with different metal test with zinc, he found that copper chips and best effect. In 1800, fell also.the became the world's first battery, which is called volts dozen batteries. Since then, the battery after continuous improvement, giving birth to the new members, battery families like hot battery, solar battery, etc. The battery is composed of Italian physicist volts invention. Volt battery is invented by his countryman, blessed thinning the phenomenon of accidental observed inspired and study the successful, the autopsy, blessed simvastatin with bronze hangs up frogs, then use iron metal to touch the frog legs, it was found that the frogs legs suddenly twitching. Through multiple touch, thus the frog legs, Nebuchadnezzar blessed simvastatin from muscles that electricity is wrong. Volts through the observation research correct conclusion, electricity is two different metal and touch the leg, he produced frog from metal, not from the frog legs. Volts and through multiple experiment copper and zinc plate combined, add some of raw material, which is made volt battery, the prototype of a modern batteries. Waste batteries harm First the battery can be divided into following several: batteries, dry, air battery, solar cells. One use of far greater than other dry several. Dry the varying degree contain harmful to human body mercury and manganese. Common cylindrical, the middle one is carbon rods dry, with surrounding mno2, chloride, the composition such as zinc as positive, zinc as negative. Dry cell is bedded in underground, manganese dioxide oxygen and carbon monoxide conditions, will become the carbonate, pollute the water soluble, make drinkers manganism. Different types of dry cells burn all contain mercury, literally dry can cause pollution of mercury. The world health organization puts forward the atmosphere of standard mercury concentrations for every stere 0.015 mg, if not controlled, after a few years would have dire consequences. Waste batteries exactly what pollutants Tsinghua university environmental science and engineering professor NieYongFeng, led the group devoted to waste batteries damage and processing done research. He said about used batteries in recent years, bring harm to the environment, but the report does a lot, unfortunately, these reports fails to readers or the conclusion that support the audience research content, not readers are introduced to the analytical reasoning process, also did not list because of dry pollution caused by practical cases, only 'serious pollution' conclusion. Waste batteries contain what harmful substances, these substances through what kind of mechanism released into the environment, can cause to the environment at home and abroad, the extent of damage caused by dry without waste serious pollution of the case, the developed countries is how to solve this problem? With doubt, task group a comprehensive thorough investigation and conclude and some news reports, these reports are indeed unrealistic and extreme place. Nie professor said, battery products can divide a dry (dry), second ordinary dry (rechargeable batteries, mainly used for mobile phones, computers), lead-acid batteries (mainly for the car) three categories. Amount maximum, mass most concern, the report is the largest ordinary dry cells. Below are what ordinary dry cell batteries means. Battery main iron, zinc, manganese etc, also contain trace amounts of mercury, mercury is poisonous. There are reports in general terms, the batteries contain mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic substances, this is not accurate. In fact, the mass of ordinary daily use dry production process without adding cadmium, lead, arsenic and other substances. The waste batteries pose a threat to the environment without mercury Mercury's volatile low temperature, is a kind of the bigger toxicity heavy metals. Many places in the soil also contains trace amounts of mercury, in GongKuang mined and refined, contain mercury products processing process, such as airtight measures imperfect, and released into the air to the mercury (steam) operator's health's influence. Batteries, but because though cancontain mercury, its content is additive little. Even high mercury battery, contain mercury quantity in batteries generally also within a thousandth of the weight of. The battery industry in China with mercury quantity, the year with a substantially mercury law polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or mercury law gold, or high mercury lead-zinc deposit in the acquisition of enterprise mercury emissions wastewater quantity quite. Because the battery consumption area is big, contain mercury waste batteries into living garbage processing system, the impact on the environment after the foregoing a chemical enterprise emissions than mercury wastewater consequences are much smaller, besides battery used stainless steel or carbon steel outside doing wrapping, effectively prevent the leakage of mercury. Thus waste batteries in scattered abandoned in the garbage, the harm miniscule, objectively ShuiYuBing cannot cause such hazards. Japan's ShuiYuBing chemical enterprise decades to a river discharge downstream of water mercury wastewater, mercury in caused gradually accumulated. Contain mercury batteries are being mercury-free battery instead Of course, contain mercury waste batteries have a negative impact on the environment after all is slightly (even). Therefore, in the end of 1997, the state economic and trade commission, China light industry will wait for nine departments jointly issued an limit mercury content of battery regulation ', referring to the experiences of developed countries, request domestic battery manufacturing enterprises gradually reduce battery mercury content, 2002 the battery to achieve domestic sales in 2006, low mercury levels reached mercury-free level. Judging from the actual progress, domestic battery manufacturing in accordance with the provisions of the basic requirements in the gradually reduce battery mercury content. According to Chinese battery industry association in China, to provide the data for 180 million, sunlightbattery annual export about 100 million, about 80 million in domestic consumption, basic has reached low mercury standard (mercury content 0.025%) weight of less than batteries. There are about 20 million reach mercury-free standard (mercury content was lower than the battery weight of 0.001%). Nie professor at home and abroad, by last stressed no waste batteries are causing serious pollution reports or scientific research material, relevant waste batteries that pollutes the environment to the lack of scientific basis, indeed caused misleading people. Waste batteries centralized recovery processes improper can cause pollution If by some reports that in our country calls for building a professional, able to batch processing waste batteries factory, is feasible? WuKongSi solid state environmental protection administration PengDeFu engineer said, in building a waste battery recycling plant, needs to invest in more than 10 million yuan RMB, and even every year at least 4,000 tons of waste battery recycling factory to motion. But in fact this quantity to recycle used batteries is very difficult. Capital Beijing, for example, in the publicity and encouragement, three years to recycle more than 200 tons. In the environmental protection model city of hangzhou, waste batteries recovery also only 10%. As we have learned, current Switzerland and Japan has built two can be processed by using waste battery factories, now also because do not have enough to eat often in production condition. This had to let us consider carefully investment recycling plant. Build PengDeFu also said, dealing with these deposited centrally waste batteries in accordance with another way is hazardous waste treatment method concentrated landfill or storage, but such processing fee of $34000 ton need, also faces fees. Coming According to understand there is a small businesses, sichuan province under the banner of 'environmental protection', the use of pupils in on Saturday and Sunday, help them collect used batteries use hammer open, reclaim valuable battery shell when scrap iron to sell, and will scraps away. At Waste batteries will not pose a threat to the environment, the important thing is the battery pack stainless steel or carbon steel outer wrapping, effectively prevent the leakage of mercury. Outside the waste batteries of stainless steel or carbon steel outer wrapping broke, inside contain mercury easily oozy, results in the battery harmful substances polluted environment, undermining their body. Waste batteries in the nature of the hazard: disused battery will slowly from the mercury spill batteries, into the soil or water, again through the crops enter human body, the kidney damage people. In the microbial, under the action of inorganic mercury can be converted into methyl mercury, gathered in fish bodies, people to eat the fish, methyl mercury will enter the human brain cells, make the person's nervous system is severely damaged, the person that weigh would get mad to death. The famous Japanese ShuiYuBing is caused by methyl mercury. Cadmium exudate land and water pollution, finally enter human body make person liver and kidney damage, also can cause bone loose, the person that weigh cause bone deformation. Auto waste batteries contain acid and heavy metal lead leak to nature can lead to soil and water pollution, eventually cause harm to people. Waste batteries pollution and treatment has become the most attention society at present one focus of environmental protection. The state environmental protection administration concerned in technology and standards of the company, with China's battery types, production and usage continues to expand, the number and kinds of used batteries are also growing. Used batteries contain mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel and other heavy metals and acid, alkali etc to human body and electrolyte solution, ecological environment have different degree of harm. According to the understanding of the human body, including health and ecological environmental hazards of bigger, listed in the control list of hazardous waste used batteries are mainly: contain mercury battery, mainly oxidation mercury battery; Lead-acid battery; Contain cadmium battery, mainly nickel cadmium battery. Hunan power chemical power engineering technology research center YangYiFu sensei told the author, although our country some large battery production enterprise has started production mercury-free battery, but a large number of small and medium-sized enterprise production is still contain mercury battery, because its cheaper price, application wide, sales quite large. Lead acid battery is mainly applied in automobile, electric bicycle, communication standby power and emergency power, etc. And nickel cadmium battery generally used in mobile phones, electric tools, electric toy, etc., is a rechargeable battery. Relevant data shows, section 1 battery went bad in the soil, can make 1 square meters of soil permanent loss of value; A grain of button batteries can make the 600 tons of water contaminated, equivalent to a man's life's water quantity. In the biggest threat to the natural environment in several substances, batteries will contain mercury, lead, cadmium and so on many kinds of, if used batteries, along with all refuse landfill intermingled with life or discarded, leak of mercury and heavy metal material would penetration in soil and groundwater pollution, and then into the fish, crops, destroying human survival environment, indirect threat to human health. The human body absorbs these heavy metal can occur after what disease? According to relevant experts, is a highly toxic mercury, the heavy metal to human body, the destructive force of the great central nervous on 1950s happened in Japan and ShuiYuBing is due to the shock by mercury pollution. At present our country production contain mercury levels of mercury content of alkaline dry cell 1% to 5%, the mercury content of neutral dry cell 0.025%, our battery production consumption mercury every year. Dozens of tons formule Cadmium in the human body easily cause chronic poisoning, the main symptoms emphysema, bone softening, anemia, probably make human body paralyzed. And lead entering the human body the hardest.
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