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The balance of battery charging

by:Vglory      2020-08-27
The balance of battery charging and adjust charging, whether ChiHuaCheng or slot into plate assembly must be the balance of battery charging batteries before they leave the factory. The purpose is to set up inside the battery electrolyte balance, the balance of gas channel voltage uniformity ( Balance) To make each battery open circuit voltage value differs little ( 2OmV) , through the balanced rechargeable batteries, established the balance, so as not to appear in series using the 'backward' batteries. Battery equalization charging process specification is usually injection liquid, let stand for 2 - Start charging 3 h is divided into two phases. The first phase of 0. 1C( 一) 15 h in the second stage 0. 05C( 一) 10 h after the first stage of charging, monomer battery voltage up to 2. 35 - 2. Turn 40 v when the second phase. The use of floating control valve sealing lithium batteries ( VRLA) In order to 0. 05C( 一) 40 h, then stop charging, let stand 3 - After 4 h before charging according to 0. 0lC( 一) Overcharge for 24 h, then end the equalizing charge. After the equalizing charge, battery tightness inspection must be conducted. Check the part of the slotted cover joint mouth seal and cover very column must be strictly checked. Pressure test; Pressurized water leak detection method; Nitrogen leakage inspection system for verification.
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