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The application of forklift battery hydrometer

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
Forklift battery hydrometer is commonly used in measurement of liquid concentration detection, this value is accurate, using the multimeter, measure unit also has a certain voltage, when the lithium battery, the electrolyte density is too low, blue ball sinking to the limit position, the present observation hole 'inside infrared colorless' ( Red dot in the centre, around the colorless transparent circle) , said lithium battery electric serious, must be immediately charged, when electrolyte fluid level is too low, two balls will fall to the limit position, the observation hole in 'red colorless' ( Center is colorless transparent dots, is surrounded by the red circle) , said electrolyte, lithium battery can't continue to use, must be replaced. If the test cock mounted on a dry charge lithium battery, you must add distilled water. Lithium battery is a kind of easy loss of large components, its life long up to 3 ~ 4 years, short of 1 ~ 2 years, and the more often drive car, Especially long distance) And the longer the lithium battery life; The more often parked cars or buses, often discharge and recharge, lithium battery life instead more short. Forklift battery weight deviation not more than 0. 02, once more than this value, it is recommended that the debug electrolyte acidity, recharge, let the forklift battery completely reaction. Forklift battery manufacturer
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