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Renewable resources waste battery renewed second life

by:Vglory      2020-09-16
As a pioneer in the field of hybrid cars, Toyota motor corp. , the pace of a hurry. Millions of hybrids sold means that its achievement, but with a lot of old batteries will also bring heavy burden to the environment. To this, Toyota has put forward a new solution, the old batteries used in construction. In architecture is the concrete practice of Toyota, camry hybrid old batteries, installed in ramah the Yellowstone national park, buffalo ranch park inside 5 buildings, provide power for it. The project will start running this fall. Rama, buffalo ranch park is an American history longer Yellowstone park, is arguably America's most remote, one of the most primitive areas. For the park's history education activities and research facilities provide power support, Toyota plans to provide 208 sets of nimh battery pack, can store about 85 kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to meet the daily demand of the five buildings. Unlike cars, fixed facilities do not need high density electric storage power, the battery is more flexible. So the park at ramah, buffalo ranch, these old batteries do not use gasoline engines or regenerative braking system for charging, but using a set of solar panels and micro hydroelectric generator power generation system, forming a sustainable and self-sufficient off-grid power supply. In the whole power in the process of production, storage and transportation, the system does not produce pollution, environmental protection very much. Toyota has said, through this project, who no longer suitable for the vehicle's old batteries can be live longer. Battery project is part of Toyota's relationship with the Yellowstone national park, Toyota also to Yellowstone foundation, YPF) Donated a RAV4 and a $50000 fund, to support the rama, buffalo ranch park sustainable development projects, after all, buffalo ranch park is the Yellowstone national park, one of the most historic park. It is understood that in addition to the above project, Toyota also involved in other similar projects. In April 2013, Toyota began to sell its Japanese distributor energy management system, the system USES the recovery of nickel metal hydride batteries from Toyota hybrid car. In addition, Toyota is the Alabama factory testing a set of electric power system, the system USES hybrid car batteries to provide power, and use it as emergency standby power. Battery system in July of this year, nissan announced the leaf all-electric battery replacement price -- — 5499 dollars. This is in response to the leaf cell attenuation problem, nissan has taken a countermeasure. So, how to do with the old battery replacement for? Nissan has its own solution. Currently, the nissan and Japan's sumitomo corporation researchers are of the Osaka Japan flower area test a large battery system. The system USES from 16 nissan leaf windmills on the recovery of lithium battery, can store about 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity, can satisfy the 40 days of average household electricity consumption. In the future with the increase of electric vehicles used batteries, the researchers plan to improving the system energy storage to 100000 KWH. This system will mainly as an aid in the system of solar power, reduce the influence of weather conditions for power generation. In view of the electric car used batteries could be started in 2017, the system is expected to put into the market in 2017. In fact, as early as October 2009, nissan's joint venture with sumitomo is established 4 r ENERGY company jointly issued the feasibility report. In September, 2010, 4 r ENERGY company was formally established, is committed to electric car waste battery recycling business. Nissan said, even if at the end of the electric car normal service life, lithium batteries on electric cars still containing 70% ~ 80% of the storage capacity of the battery, waste lithium batteries can be reused and sales to other industrial areas. Nissan believes that 4 r ENERGY can play electric cars, the surplus value of lithium-ion batteries. As nissan's first mass-produced electric car, the leaf in December 2010 on sale in Japan and the United States and later than 4 r ENERGY company, set up time, thus it can be seen that nissan's 'rainy day'. Change to emergency power, nissan is considering other solutions of old batteries, emergency power supply is one of them, at the same time also is a scheme which has been widely applied at present. In 2011 Japan after the earthquake, the emergency battery began to attract the attention of people, car companies also accelerated the related technology research and development. In August 2011, nissan shows a set of power supply system 'leaf to home', namely in the event of an emergency, the nissan leaf with battery to residential electricity. The system goes on sale in Japan in 2012. Nissan and gm, a Japanese car company, is a U. S. automakers, but on the issue of emergency power supply, the brain circuits are the same. In 2012, general put forward a plan to want to make the chevy volt battery has a second life. General approach is to make the electric car battery back to assembly, provide emergency power supply for 50 families. Compared with the United States, however, natural disasters of Japan makes about the idea of emergency power supply more easily accepted by the locals and adoption. Car companies such as Toyota, nissan, mitsubishi, driven by using the electric car battery as emergency power supply more and more families and businesses. In April this year, engaged in car production equipment business Japanese skills to protect life of beauty co. , LTD. , in its headquarters into a new system, can be plug-in hybrids and all-electric battery used as emergency power supply. On August 14th night, Kyoto, Japan, 'Lantern Festival'. In order to strengthen the awareness of energy saving, all the lanterns are used on the 'Lantern Festival' electric car batteries.
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