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Remind: lithium-ion batteries and inferior harm more than lithium-ion batteries charging excessive can cause fire

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Electric vehicle battery overcharge, is likely to cause fire! In recent years, the number of fires caused by improper use electric vehicle battery is rising year by year, it's proved that the electric fire events happened in the charging period, and the battery overcharge and overtime charge is an important cause of the fire. To remind the general public, therefore, relevant departments when buying or replace the electric bike lithium batteries must polish eyes, look at the battery production label and include manufacturer, date and other relevant information, avoid to buy fake products cause unnecessary economic losses. So a good electric car why there are so many security hidden danger? This reporter in touch with the domestic well-known electric car developers lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery production together to listen to some professional is how look upon this matter! Frequent electric fire why? And inferior lithium battery is the culprit of lithium battery research and development department, said an official with the related according to the current technical standard, the lithium battery in the electric is actually have very strict requirements, in general, normal manufacturer production of lithium batteries won't appear similar problem. Only those itself quality closes nevertheless, or not in strict accordance with the standards in the market and inferior lithium-ion batteries will be all kinds of congenital hidden dangers and battery failure problems. Lithium battery is the domestic first batch through product quality certification of lithium battery manufacturers. Avoid three fire prevention measures of the first, in any products on the market, 'a price points a points goods' is always the same truth. With covet is cheap equivalence is often pick up the sesame lost watermelon. So everybody when choosing lithium batteries must not ignore the importance of brand to save money, although cannot blindly follow with famous brand, but also consider the brand market influence, at least as far as possible choose someone who has a good reputation, high sales of brand to purchase. Second, when the electric vehicle charging must not timeout or overcharge, light will affect the service life of the battery, or cause the serious accidents such as explosion, and must choose when replace the battery with your electric vehicles matching the lithium battery. Third, it is a good battery car should pay attention to maintenance. Electric vehicles every use for a period of time should be hidden perils to specific maintenance station. If electric cars appeared problems, don't disassembling repair itself. Last but not the main point is to choose high quality lithium batteries, such as lithium batteries. Specialized is engaged in the electric lithium battery research and development and sales of manufacturers.
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