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Rechargeable lithium battery capacity of qi's secret

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Source: 2020 - 03 - 29 'hits: times the capacity of the battery? Rechargeable lithium battery of virtual standard secret the capacity of the battery capacity is how many? Virtual standard capacity secret rechargeable lithium batteries. The actual standard is falsity exaggerated, the parameters of the original to enlarge to attract attention; Rechargeable batteries instead of batteries are used in many cases, the concave and convex capacity of a battery is the main content of the battery quality, but the society is filled with all sorts of bad battery. So, what is the cause of the battery capacity behind the phantom? How much is the capacity of the battery? Rechargeable batteries, also known as secondary battery, it is a kind of can be used for battery charging and discharging cycle. If your device need frequent replacement, rechargeable battery is also a cheaper option. Now the rechargeable battery market is a hybrid, what brand of products, it also led to a very obvious phenomenon, that is a lot of rechargeable lithium batteries have virtual standard capacity. Nominal battery capacity is a in order to attract customers and get a good price and extend or exaggerate the parameters of the actual battery capacity. For example, suppose that a 18650 battery capacity is 2200 mah lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery manufacturer mark of battery is 5000 mah, so this is due to battery capacity of the virtual standard phenomenon. In short, the actual capacity of battery was far below the battery capacity of indicated value. For customers, empty with pure deception and irresponsible capricious, generally speaking, don't know the empty the battery manufacturer produces, it has no legal supervision function, the quality of the battery and not guaranteed. There are a variety of nominal 2000 mah, 3000 mah, 4000 mah, and even tens of thousands of ma's cell phone batteries, cell phone lithium battery capacity can not meet the base with practice. The secret of the virtual standard lithium battery capacity lithium battery factory opportunity to affix the lithium battery capacity lack, the first is actually deal with nonconforming product ( Also known as defective or scrap) Do a batch of battery, such as a factory, but when the battery capacity is far less than demand point detection, because of invalid directly, that's too bad, considering operating costs and factory, and then to sell bad battery shoddy to the customer. 'Dirty' manufacturer has any interest in an empty battery standard capacity. The first is the 'buy a good price. Suppose that a 3. 7 v2000mah lithium-ion battery pack, its battery power is 7. 4 wh, so if its lithium-ion battery pack is 3. 7 v5000mah, then its battery power is 18. 5wh。 If the price of each Wh is 2. Five yuan ( Tax included) You can sell more 27, then the battery manufacturer. 75 yuan, this to blackheart workshop is ideal for battery manufacturers. Battery energy X = nominal battery voltage nominal battery capacity. How to identify the lithium battery capacity is false standards? 1. Original battery specific storage, avoid mistake standard: in general, even if it is equipped with standard premium brand batteries, lithium-ion batteries its capacity is unlikely to be 20% higher than original battery. For example, a model of the original battery is 1000 mah, if buy more than 1200 mah battery, the battery must be false standard cells, fake battery means break the battery standard, this means that the likely explosion accident, injury and even death news has common battery explosion. Ii. Original battery proportion: holding the hands of the lithium battery, and the original battery than the thickness and the weight of the battery, some cells and the original battery capacity is about the same, but it clearly is thinner than the original battery, than the original battery, the battery is still a virtual standard cells. Iii. Merchants used battery brand: please introduce what is use of lithium batteries battery: contact the biggest battery brand and quality, with a good battery can guarantee the quality and capacity of the battery. We tend to use professional, brand battery for famous brand batteries, Except for the original battery) 。 Lithium battery manufacturers should strictly control the quality of our products and ensure product quality conforms to related standards; The author teaches you more than a few action, the hope can help you progress to the understanding of the virtual standard capacity lithium battery.
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