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Rainy days how to safely use electric cars

by:Vglory      2020-10-29
Charging 1, we must pay attention to the electric vehicle charging security at ordinary times, rainy days especially pay attention to and wary of electric vehicle charging equipment short circuit and fire. 2, if batteries are accidentally wet by rain, don't try so hard to use, should check the battery into water, if the water, please go to the repair shop to see if water inside the battery. Parking parked in the sheltered places such as bike shed best place, had better use plastic cover to prevent electric vehicle controller, battery components such as wet by rain. Cycling 1. Rainy days is slippery, bear in mind that slow down, don't the brakes to prevent wheel side slip out of control. In addition, a series of road traffic signs, such as the zebra crossing line due to higher than common ground a few millimeters, in rainy days is slippery, remember to avoid when riding. 2. General electric cars to the controller, battery, motor, etc have waterproof measures, can once the motor be affected with damp be affected with damp or water, horn ring, brake failure, the controller cannot work normally and a series of problems is very likely to follow. Met water so deep, can detour around, can't choose round just as much as possible through the shallow place, and as a result of the electric motor generally located in the wheel after heart, between the depth of the water had better not exceed half of the wheel. 3. Don't put the helmet mask down as far as possible, to prevent the fog and dripping water keep out the line of sight. Configuration 1. Cycling wear a raincoat and other protective gear, don't to install ceiling, rain curtain or umbrellas. On the one hand, it makes the vehicle on the road by the wind effect is difficult to keep balance; On the other hand, such a device would hinder the realization of the driver. 2. If there are conditions, before travel in antiskid tyre; If the trouble, so much rain in the city life friend can choose directly when buy electric cars equipped with antiskid tyre. 1. After the water, check the water level controller, if not many, to dry in ventilated place after use; If in a lot of water, to send in time, to prevent further deterioration. 2. Many people electric chain will rust after rain, you can use the household cleaners will rust erase, then it is ok to use diesel scoured; Or, don't bother, you can in a albatross smashed to shell castor to wipe the electric car, not only can let the wheels, spokes become shining, can also be rust. Reminder: try not to ride electric vehicles in the rainy day, because in the course of everyday use for lithium battery membrane water damaged place is likely to happen. At present, the production of waterproof type lithium battery has been officially put into use, to know more details, please enter the website.
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