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Put on hold for a long time, lithium battery forklift. What should I do?

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
During the holiday season, or a national legal holiday, the enterprise also normal vacation, for lithium battery forklift long-stalled, what should I do? Or come back to buy second-hand forklift, forklift battery configuration, how to choose? Small make up simple said: at four o 'clock, long-term unused forklift forklift truck should be launched at intervals of about a month, medium speed running 30 minutes, put too long, otherwise the vehicles such as measure will not be able to start. The time of the two, every time a total length of not more than 5 seconds, start again time interval is not less than 15 seconds. In the case of start many times still no car from circuit, ignition coil, or oil, and other aspects to find the reason, troubleshooting and then start the engine, otherwise you will make the lithium battery discharge excessively, affect the service life. Three, to keep the lithium battery surface clean. If found to have solid oxide in a column, should be timely watering with hot water, to be clear, lest affect polar column and the connections between the connectivity. After clean, lithium battery to wipe clean surface, in a column and terminal buttered and ensure no oxidation to a column. Four, at least check the height of the electrolyte once a month. For no marker of lithium battery, the electrolyte to the above plate 10 ~ 15 mm can be; There are two red line of lithium battery, the electrolyte cannot exceed the red line above, otherwise the electrolyte may spillover between is negative in the formation of self-discharge, causes the engine is not easy to start, and shorten the lithium battery life; Forklift lithium battery charging shall be not less than once a month, the charging time is not less than eight hours.
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