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Power battery specification conditions for enforcement

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
On April 29, the ministry announced the power battery industry standard car enterprise directory a third group, combined with the previously published two batches, a total of 25 batteries for enterprise. According to the regulation, the use of no battery of new energy automobile products on the list, starting from May 1 this year, will not promote directory into the new energy vehicles, thus unable to get subsidies. On the same day, the ministry also released on the power battery industry standard car companies declare supplementary notice, request has been listed in the announcement of the 25 monomer enterprises, in accordance with the GB/T31484 - 2015年,GB / T31485 - And GB/T31486-2015 2015 three standard demands to testing, not into the announcement of the enterprises in strict accordance with the standard conditions apply. The auto motive battery industry standard conditions at the beginning of the release is not compulsory standard, now suddenly as subsidy payments, it makes some battery enterprises, new energy car companies by surprise. Why the ministry at this time to make a surprise attack, the new standard of enforcing again on the new energy automobile car companies and what are the effects of battery enterprises? A, take my money, listen to me in 2015, in the ministry, the Ministry of Finance high subsidies, under the guide of China's new energy automotive industry emerged in the speed of development, production more than tripled. A large number of electric cars into the Chinese life. However, under the high subsidies, all sorts of discordant voice come up. Some small businesses use high subsidies, specially make false sales only cheat subsidies for electric vehicles. Power battery rush, some electric power battery quality concern, a group of die group of injury accident hidden trouble. Represented by samsung, LG, panasonic, foreign power battery enterprise controlling China's market price dumping, even influence the development of Chinese power battery industry chain. Ministry of the problem, of course, can't it. Electric cars on pure competitive market is very small, basically is artificial market subsidies and policy support. Provide support and money is money, how to spend, to what purpose is, of course, lenders have the final say. So the miit in view of the problems found in measures, first began to hunt down around the expenses and is imposed after the coach can only use the lithium iron phosphate batteries, today's strong push the battery specification is one of the third wave. Miit intent clearly, there are two purposes of this specification. One is clear up rush of Tom, dick and harry, guarantee the quality of the power battery and safety, reduce the probability of safety accidents. Strict certification, manufacturers limited number of quality problems easy to monitor trace, this is a good thing for the security of the new energy vehicles. In addition, the meaning of the specification and trade barriers. In 2015 under the policy support, rapid expansion of China's new energy automobile market, power battery benefit is especially obvious. National Bureau of Statistics data show that domestic lithium battery manufacturing industry in 2015 revenue of 203 billion yuan, up 20% from a year earlier. Profit of about 13 billion yuan, up 60% from a year earlier. And led by LG, samsung has technical advantages of foreign brand be big beneficiaries. Countries take out money to support the electric car industry chain, as a result, once the money turn help foreign giant development, ministry of industry, of course, don't do this. Can make money, to enter my specifications, in accordance with the rules I play. Miit, can say is my site that I make decision, I will give money, headstrong, and according to my rule to play, to my intention. Second, the new rules is good for battery enterprises according to the new rules, electric vehicle power battery will be standardized. Strength is stronger, the product high quality enterprise, especially has 25 on the list companies will have a great development opportunity. National power battery incomplete statistics, more than 150 enterprises, each have their own customers. After pushing in the specification. In the short term this becomes 25, 150, and this 25 tests have to pass through. This is equal to 150. 25 to eat a meal to eat six, the policy for the development of the opportunity is so difficult. In addition, the foreign capital giant suddenly is blocked by a bulwark, do you want to go through the specification, regardless of conditions, is a approval process is not only a year not a half a year, and to achieve conditions, finally success of examination and approval, three to five years is not impossible. And the electric car manufacturers such as one year six months is a problem, such as three to five years but the days also? Using the foreign capital giant battery solutions of automobile enterprises have to switch to domestic enterprise has been approved. This cake is also given to the 25 power battery enterprise, this is a big positive. 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