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Portable energy storage box principle and the test

by:Vglory      2020-08-17
Principle of portable energy storage box is composed of five parts: the main road, the bypass, batteries, and power input circuit, AC/DC transform of rectifier, inverter, DC/AC transform inverter and the bypass switch output circuit and energy storage battery. It has the advantages of mobile power supply convenient, at the same time can convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in batteries. Portable energy storage box in the course of normal use, the battery self-discharge phenomenon is generally produced, so if you are not in use for a long, makes the energy is lost, so you need to charge and discharge on a regular basis, to prevent loss of energy. Portable energy storage box from test: 1, professional testing ( Inspection and testing) Personnel, can be judged by measuring the battery open circuit voltage of the battery is good or bad, is the 12 v battery, for example, if the open circuit voltage is higher than 12. 5 v, indicates the battery energy storage and more than 80%, if the open circuit voltage is lower than 12. 5 v, you should immediately to supplement charge. If open circuit voltage is lower than 12 v, says batteries to store electrical energy is less than 20%, the battery is likely can't normal use. 2, judging from the appearance, general maintenance free batteries due to absorption electrolyte system, so in normal use, won't produce any gases, but if the user use undeserved, cause the battery charging, can produce gas, the battery internal pressure will increase, thus, the battery will be the pressure valve on the top open, serious, will cause the battery blow up, deformation, leakage or rupture, once found the condition, the battery should be replaced immediately. 3, regular discharge tests, measuring the battery voltage, should also regularly check the battery battery +, - Whether the oxidation; If the battery terminal is loose. And the longer the battery using regular service should be more dense. Finally, there is a little reminder is responsible for portable energy storage tank maintenance staff under the guidance of professional engineers to perform best battery maintenance, or directly ask professional engineers to perform, and avoid electric shock. More portable power station related articles refer to 'method for use of portable power station'
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