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Nowadays our life seems impossible without having a car

by:Vglory      2020-06-06
There are many companies in India which are popular for their electric cars. Reva Car Company is the most famous name when we speak of the manufacturer of Electric new cars in India. They provide many advantages for their new brand electric cars. Besides this company, Tata, Mahindra, Hero motors, Mistubishi etc are also declared their venture to include this new sector of cars. Again other car companies like Vista, Tata Nano and Tat Indica have announced to use the electric variants in their cars shortly. It is great to notice that the car market of Indian Car Company is increasing swiftly. As a result the Indian Hero motorcycle company is also in the process of including the technique of using electric power in car by replacing the motor battery. In addition, a swing of electric and hybrid car are launched by other upcoming Indian car market each offering reliability. REVA Electric cars in India The Reva NXR and NXG are mechanically a step forward of the ordinary battery operated REVA electric cars. Common Motors was so awestruck by their equipment that it decided to mark an association with the car company to manufacture an electric adaptation of the sparkle. Electric Nano Cars By 2012, new cars of different models will be launched in the market. Nano, manufacture by Tata Nano Electric and Hybrid Tata Motors, is one such newly launched car that has won the heart of many car loving peoples for its attractively smaller size and for its electric and hybrid version. Chevrolet Spark Electra as CNG The Spark will replace its petrol engine and fix it to an electric motor. It has also come up with the CNG model and the price of this car will be consider by looking at the achievability of electric cars in India. Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid To observe the circumstances of the Indian market, Mahindra Scorpio Hybrid SUV has made a planned to make micro hybrid Scorpio which will bear a diesel-electric engine.
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