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Nowadays, as the developed of the solar energy

by:Vglory      2020-06-16
The solar charger is good or bad, have four key points: 1. The using Efficiency. Using efficiency include two ways, The conversion efficiency of the solar panel, and the secondary conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency of the solar panel, As the name suggests is the efficiency of conversion of light energy into electrical energy, and the secondary conversion efficiency is the efficiency of light energy into electrical energy stored in the battery. 2. The quality and the capacity of the battery. The capacity of the battery inside the solar charger must be 1.2 times or higher than your products, only this can full charged your products, because there will be energy losses in the energy conversion process, the conversion rate is generally 80% -90%. And the quality of the battery is related to the solar charger's using life. 3. The control circuit and the protection circuit Solar mobile phone charger products in the market is very complex, It's protection circuit and control circuit may be a simple design, or in poor compatibility, it is very easy to charge bad the phone or shorten the phone and battery's using life. Therefore, the design of the control and protection circuits are very important. 4. The accessories of Solar Charger This is a problem that many users may ignore, but it is a point that should not be ignored. There are many bad suppliers on the market for price advantage and configure inferior accessories, such as the AC Charger, the AC Charger can divided into with IC protection circuit and without IC protection circuit these two kinds, the AC Charger without IC protection circuit not only little charging current, long charging time, bad charging effect, but also have security risks, so when you are choosing a solar charger, you should pay more attention to whether the AC Charger has IC protection circuit or not. Solar cell phone charger can only be used in an emergency, you can not completely rely on it to charge mobile phones and other digital products, generally speaking, to full charge the cell phone, the Solar Charger of Cell Phone solar panels must more than 0.7W.
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