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Not far from electric charge run is how to return a responsibility?

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Electric cars can run far, mainly depends on the size of the battery capacity and motor power size, the bigger the battery capacity, the car can run more far, and the greater the power, run the shorter the distance, and of course, tires, frame, environment related to the factors such as driving habits. 1, the simple common type of electric bicycle, using a 48 v 12 at the time of the battery, motor common is 350 watts, this kind of electric bicycle, can run 35 - commonly 40 km, and 48 v can run 55-20 ampere hour 60 kilometers, is the electric motorcycle again big, are overweight, such as voltage 60 v, 72 v or higher, the efficiency will be higher, can run up to 80 kilometers or even further. These are new batteries for, of course, if it is the old battery, of course there will be a certain degree of attenuation. 2, if the electric car is full of electricity, life only 10 kilometers, there is certainly a problem, first check whether abnormal on the brake, the wheels are caton, bearing is not smooth, can call big feet to idle observation. 3, on the line if there is leakage or short circuit, such as the output of the controller, two phase between leakage current, general this kind of situation will better controller alarm prompt. Can use the multimeter to battery cathode, see if do not have the static current work time is too large, and so on. If the controller itself has a problem, often looking for professionals to repair or replacement. 4, the battery is not full of, for example, there is something wrong with the charger, the actual charge only a little, but the show has been full of, change the charger to compare, it is easy to find the problem to solve. 5, the battery is broken, internal resistance is very big, capacity declined dramatically. Lithium-ion batteries, although longer life expectancy than the lead-acid battery, a lot of lithium battery manufacturer said in 3 years, but is generally short, if the service life and of course to change. If you don't have to use fixed number of year, did not rule out is the protection board, such as working, or the battery inside a monomer is wrong.
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