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Lithium panels grid corrosion performance

by:Vglory      2020-08-26
Lead alloy microstructure is common combination, single crystal particles can be seen as lithium battery lead contained 'impurities' ( Blastic agent) The solid solution. Solid solution including eutectic around the basic lead crystal branches, there are many phase interface, so there are many different mechanisms. When the lithium battery anode polarization ( Charging) Anode polarization occurs, there will be two electrochemical step plate another attribute of grid alloy plate gate one by one surface contact with the active substances of mechanical and electrical contact. This contact can by adding some elements ( Additives) Achieve effective results, and add elements produced by oxidation product will not increase the corrosion resistance of layer, also should not make the active substances passivation; Moreover sheeting surface active material needs to have a good cooperation with cat, and keep the long-term cooperation with the cat. 金属铅基合金的微观结构是晶粒的儿子的常见的组合列表,可以看到做是'impurities”( 成为水晶) 铅蓄电池的固体溶解的身体。 包括完全晶体净周围的基本铅固体溶解的身体 像在形状的水晶,里面存在很多相互接口,因此有很多不同的机制。 当蓄电池阴极转杆( 刷新) 阳极发生转变,有两个电化学步骤11的头发机器和电接触板材表面网格和活动材料板的另一个属性网格金属合金。 这种接触可以通过添加某种化学元素( 添加剂) 获得有效的结果,并添加一个氧化化学元素创造的结果不能增加衰减的电阻层,不应该让生活材料率直,; 除了板材表面网格需要活的好猫合作使用材料,并能保持这种猫合作用在很长一段时间。
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