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Lithium-ion battery for electric bicycle is better than lead-acid battery?

by:Vglory      2021-05-14
Needless to say, in many places, lithium-ion batteries are stronger than lead-acid batteries. In terms of the same capacity, lithium-ion batteries are less than 70% of lead-acid batteries, while lithium-ion batteries weigh less than 40% of lead-acid batteries, so lithium-ion batteries The battery can achieve a cruising range much longer than that of a lead-acid battery. The charge-discharge cycle of lithium-ion batteries is more than 600 times, which is relatively durable. Lead-acid batteries are small in capacity, large in size, and have a much shorter service life than lithium-ion batteries. The charge-discharge cycle cycle has also been reduced, and the service life is shorter. It may be broken in just over a year. Second, the price The price of lithium-ion batteries is about 2-3 times that of lead-acid batteries. Generally, a lead-acid battery electric vehicle costs a few hundred yuan to replace the battery, while a lithium-ion electric vehicle costs thousands of yuan at every turn. This is about ordinary wage earners. In terms of it, it's not a small expense. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries have almost no recycling value. Lead-acid batteries are broken, and you can replace them with some money. This way, although lithium-ion batteries have a long life, compared with the recycling and reuse of lead-acid batteries, it really doesn’t account for it. Too much cheaper. 3. Reliability Although the lithium-ion battery has a large capacity, it is too lively, delicate, a little bit turbulent, and may be broken. Therefore, a reasonable battery management system must be in place, with requirements for temperature and vibration. If the design is not good, or the quality of the battery core is defective, or if it is used improperly, it may cause fire and explosion. For ordinary people, it is indeed a scare thing. In addition, lithium-ion batteries cannot be discharged at high currents, that is, the instantaneous output current cannot be so large, so the advantages in power are not necessarily obvious. In comparison, in the use of lead-acid batteries, it seems that many people have no major problems in series and parallel connection. If the capacity drops, just add some water or repair them, and they will regain their energy, and there is no need to worry about fire and explosion. (Of course, there may be problems with overcharging.) Fourth, convenience. Buy an electric bicycle to ride. You can't expect an engineer to follow your butt to help you. The lead-acid battery is broken, just buy the battery and replace it. At most, it's not far away. And each management system of lithium-ion batteries is different. If it is broken, it is really difficult to repair by yourself. This thing is dangerous, so it is often sent back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Not to mention the cost of travel, it is still a piece of time. The trouble is. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: How to store button batteries?
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