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Lithium-ion batteries - Rechargeable batteries have a best

by:Vglory      2020-10-30
1. The first three minor charge 12 hours? This problem is closely related to the battery activation of the above problems, let's set up the factory to the user's hands have batteries electrode passivation phenomenon, in order to activate the battery for deep deep discharge loop three times. Is actually the problem is transformed into deep filling is to charge for 12 hours. U u u the answer is not to need to charge for 12 hours. Early mobile phones nimh batteries because of the need to supplement and trickle charging process, to achieve the perfect state of charge, may need 5 hours or so, but also do not need to 12 hours. The constant current constant voltage charging characteristics of lithium ion battery is determines its deep charging time no need for 12 hours. For lithium-ion batteries, someone will ask, now that the constant pressure stage of lithium ion battery current decreases, is when small current to an infinitesimal is real deep filling. I used to draw the curve of constant voltage phase current decreases with time, the curve fitting for many times, it found that the curve can be a function of 1 / x way, close to zero current actual testing for lithium ion battery itself exists self-discharge phenomenon, is never likely to reach the zero current. In 600 mah battery, for example, set up by the electric current is zero. 01 c ( The 6 ma) , it's 1 c charging time not more than 150 minutes, then set up by the electric current is zero. 001C( Is 0. 6mA) Charging time, it has the potential to 10 hours - - This because of the problem of the precision of instrument, has not obtained, but from 0. C to 0 01. 001 c for the capacity of the calculation is only 1. 7 mah, to use more than seven hours for only less than three over one thousand of this capacity is no practical significance. Besides, are there any other way of charging, such as pulse charging ways to lithium ion batteries to 4. 2 v voltage limit, it didn't stop the minimum phase current judgment, generally after 150 minutes it is 100% full. Many mobile phones are used pulse charging mode. Someone once display mobile phone charge, then use charger for charging to confirm the mobile phone charge level, this test method is not strict. First detected charger shows a green light is not really a basis charge or not. End to end testing of lithium ion battery charge or not is the only way to the final test without charge ( Don't discharge) State of the lithium ion battery voltage. The so-called constant voltage phase current its real purpose is to gradually decrease in battery internal resistance for charging current and the additional voltage, small when current to zero. 01 c, such as 6 ma, the current passenger and battery internal resistance ( Generally within 200 milliohm) Only 1 mv, can be thought of when the voltage is no current state of the battery voltage. Secondly, mobile phone reference voltage reference voltage is not necessarily equal to the seat charger, cell phone that charge the battery on the charger, seat charger but I do not think have charge, continue to charge. 2. Rechargeable batteries have a best? One theory is that rechargeable batteries used properly, will be in a certain period of circulation in the best state, is the largest capacity. This will divide the situation, sealed nickel metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, if used properly, Such as regular maintenance, prevent the formation of memory effect and the cumulative) , general meeting at 100 ~ 200 cycles to achieve its maximum capacity, such as the production capacity of 1000 mah ni-mh battery after a 120 - cycle, its capacity could reach 1100 mah. Almost all of the Japan nimh battery manufacturers in the technical specification describes the cycle of nickel-based batteries features I can see the description on the drawing. U nickel-based batteries are best, generally between 100 ~ 200 cycles to reach its maximum capacity for liquid lithium ion battery, but there is no such a cycle capacity hump phenomenon, from the lithium ion battery factory until finally dead batteries, the capacity of the performance is to use a little at a time. I do in cycle performance of lithium ion battery has never seen a capacity for signs of recovery. Taken the lithium ion battery not best. It is worth mentioning that the lithium ion battery are more susceptible to the change of environmental temperature and different performance, in the ambient temperature of 25 ~ 40 degrees will show their best performance, and low or high temperature state, his performance was a big discount. To make your lithium-ion battery fully demonstrate its capacity, must be careful attention to use the environment, to prevent the phenomenon of high and low temperature, such as mobile phone in the car on the front desk of the midday sun point-blank can easily make its more than 60 degrees, the users in the north of the battery standby time, the same network circumstances, there is no user in the south long. 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