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Lithium electric forklift lithium battery and lead acid batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Before 2010, forklift lithium material basically is given priority to with lead-acid batteries, including to nowadays, spread more widely and lead acid lithium battery, mainly because of its low cost, convenient replacement, life was also popular in more than three years, but the drawback is the production process, can cause pollution of the environment, these two years, with the beginning of the mobile power li-ion battery application gradually diversification, the use scope is blossoming, vigorously promote new energy vehicles, the technical route of lithium-ion batteries has developed a lot of kinds, in the industry as a whole under the condition of the boom, the industry a variety of technical route at the same time, several possible breeding industry, forklift lithium battery, which is the core of the traditional handling tools, li-ion battery material of lithium battery has failed to get effective promotion is mainly because the cost is too high, and the output current demand is stable, has certain memory effect, long service life, however, pollution-free, believe the future will be popular, various shortcomings existing in lithium battery now to be able to correct. Prohibited reproduced news source
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