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Lithium battery research and development requirements for different purposes

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
Lithium battery is the main market lies in the application of portable terminal device, which makes high capacity had become the main direction of the development of lithium battery, but in electric cars and large storage equipment under the background of full development, the main direction of research and development of lithium ion battery also presents the trend of diversification. After the electric car era, lithium ion battery research and development direction is changed, now of the electric car including hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars three types. For the hybrid, need big power during acceleration and deceleration, therefore, high power battery ideal type. On the other hand, the pure electric vehicles because only by power lithium battery power, so need the support of the large capacity more, plug-in hybrids between the two. So can conclude that in high power lithium battery, hybrid & gt; Plug-in hybrids & gt; Pure electric vehicles; In the large capacity lithium battery requirements on the contrary, pure electric vehicles & gt; Plug-in hybrids & gt; Hybrid cars. This is, of course, in different electric car internal comparison, overall, electric vehicle with lithium-ion batteries on the capacity and power requirement is several times higher than the portable terminal, also demand higher life and security, but is unable to enter the stage of industrialization. Fixing device USES large energy storage facilities contrast the performance requirements for electric cars is also raised several times, and its security for building electric storage systems, and household electric storage systems, must be able to fire will not burn it is' high 'safety performance, and electric cars and portable terminals with lithium batteries apparently do not have such requirement. Fixtures use internal storage facilities can also be divided into different main demand. For storage at night during the discharge at the peak of the grid power is converted to represent, requires batteries have large capacity, such as building system with lithium battery energy storage facilities. For photovoltaic and wind power, must be used for high power battery with high power output change patience, because greatly influenced by the natural factors, the two power output power changes greatly. As lithium batteries to large application of transition and transformation, making lithium battery itself to solve the fundamental problem has not, thus appeared the combine the advantages of lithium ion batteries and traditional double-layer capacitor lithium-ion capacitor, has developed the new oxidation also influent flow battery new technology synchronous development stage.
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