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Lithium battery lead paste changes in drying process

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
The first water evaporates from the capillary pore space ( Is first big hole and then holes) ; Second water from between particles of liquid membrane ( Very thin liquid film) Evaporation, in the beginning as a result of these thin film thickness reduce, reduce the hole of the cross section, eventually lead to the contraction of lithium battery lead paste, if the volume reduction is in the lead paste precipitously ( Great) Change, it will lead to rupture or even some part of the lead paste lead to cream off the plate gate and fall off; Moreover, dry evaporate in the third step back from wedge lines, both in lead paste volume and porosity in this step stays the same. The above process due to the evaporation of water, the result form the radius of the hole and pore volume, through the inspection found some differences. As you can see: water content, reduce the formation of size of hole is first dried up, and then the holes in the dry. The water in the lead paste is 11. 3%; Formation of the hole will be greater than zero. 34 um aperture, the corresponding water content in the lead paste is 3. 9%.
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