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Lithium battery highly toxic, it is alarmism or it does?

by:Vglory      2020-08-18
Variety of circulated on the Internet about lithium battery highly toxic, explosive, short-lived lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries, lithium battery condition is harsh, lithium batteries cannot be recycled, lithium battery caused enormous environmental pressure, and so on negative talk. In view of the network spread the 'theory of lithium battery highly toxic, researcher at the institute of China electronics technology group 18 level senior engineer hao-jie liu said that compared to lithium batteries, such as, lead acid, nickel chromium and nickel metal hydride batteries do not produce any poisonous and harmful heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and material, relatively less pollution. And the electrolyte for organic solvent and lithium salt, most of the non-toxic or low toxic; But the decomposition or hydrolysate for hydrofluoric acid lithium batteries and other fluoride compounds, has certain corrosion resistance and toxicity. Lithium battery life is short, the use of strict? Expert replied: 'the key factors of power lithium ion battery service life are many, including the characteristics of the system itself, also includes the manufacturing process, operating conditions, etc. High quality battery system, and scientific management system, can achieve a long service life. Decay to 80%, 'said wang fang, according to the capacity as a cut-off condition, according to 100% of the discharge depth test, the current power battery life can reach 2000 basic loops. Lithium battery or explosive, not environmental protection? 'Charge discharge refers to the battery in the process of charging and discharging voltage exceeds or is lower than specified by the voltage, the battery performance and life will bring harm. 'But the battery will limit the BMS battery management system and protection, low temperature limit for the battery, recharge when heated to a suitable temperature. Said wang fang, in order to ensure the safety of the lithium ion battery, the battery monomer, module to battery systems have a series of safety protection design, prevent the battery overcharge pass wen, when abnormal timely alarm and protection. Lithium ion battery safety theory is controllable, cause safety issue is more in the case of product defects and abuse. In the case of taking these safety design, safety accident probability is up to the one over ten thousand. At this stage is the environmental protection department in hazardous waste management of waste batteries including nickel cadmium battery scrap and waste lead acid storage battery. For disposable batteries, lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. , because of its environmental risk is relatively small, is not included in the hazardous waste management. Information about more lithium battery related reference 'method of prolonging the service life of the lithium battery, portable power station'
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