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Lithium battery forklift work longer time use

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Forklift lithium battery life has a lot to do and use, charging, discharge, use the process of maintenance, every aspect is linked to the heart of lithium-ion batteries. Especially at the start, fork, climbing, try to avoid instantaneous large current discharge, large current discharge can easily lead to produce lead sulfate crystallization, and the physical properties of the damage to the battery plate. Lithium battery forklift is the tube plate structure, strong resistance to put though, but slightly less capacity due to scrap, noble, but change forklift battery price is not cheap, usually lithium batteries are recharged during the night, the average charge time at about 8 hours. Lithium battery to discharge depth charge is 80%, best necessary charge according to actual condition, to avoid damaging charging. Many times we staff to enterprise change forklift battery, see a lot of is placed outside the lithium-ion batteries in the clearing, let the weathered, so the battery self-discharge is very big, injury of life, and high temperature environment can make lithium battery internal pressure increase and make a battery pressure limiting valve is forced to automatically open, direct consequence caused cell activity decreased, accelerate the plate to soften, charging fever, the drum shell, shell deformation caused by lethal damage, such as more than lithium battery forklift work longer time use.
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