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Lithium battery forklift use short time?

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
A set of normal time is 5 - lithium battery forklift 8 hours, if match absolutely full capacity, fork shipment time is enough, if you are using suddenly drop to shorten time, 8 hours by suddenly reduced to 3 hours, this time to check the monomer, such as: 48 v lithium battery forklift, iron box there are 24 v battery monomer 2 series combination, first measurement tools to have: hydrometer, voltmeter, current clamp table, in the case of a full charge to test whether the proportion of monomer battery reaches 1. 28, and then check whether the total voltage reach 51 ~ 52 v, if all the normal standard battery, prove that forklift battery is normal, so check the forklift, no-load condition how much is the output current, should be in 80-48 v400ah no-load current 100 a, between the current output reached more than 130, is probably the carbon brush or motor wiring problems, increase the output current, shorten the time nature, there is a kind of circumstance should check plate presence of irreversible sulfate. Plate of irreversible sulfate, but to determine by measuring the voltage of charge and discharge change. When charging, the battery voltage rise so fast, some particularly high single cell voltage, beyond normal many; When discharge voltage drop so fast, don't have any electricity or save electricity few battery. Batteries in appear the above situation, can judge the irreversible sulfate.
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