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Lithium battery forklift use fixed number of year

by:Vglory      2020-08-22
Forklift lithium-ion battery pack - 24 6 db600 48 v600ah lithium battery forklift as products with higher value, if the purchase price and use value proportion, damage is very large, the added value of use fixed number of year decided it. A set of 1. 5 ton forklift truck with domestic forklift lithium battery brand price in 1. 4 - 1. 60000, between 2 years monomer will frequently fail, more than the product warranty, maintenance of the battery unit price is very high, if can do well, later still appear unbalanced single capacity, already delayed the work consumed money again. Lithium battery is the source of electric forklift traction, the cost accounts for 10% ~ 15% of price of forklift truck, is the most important parts of electric forklift. Domestic forklift service life of lithium-ion battery pack for the cycle count 800 ~ 1200 times, the actual working fixed number of year is 2 years; Foreign forklift service life of lithium-ion battery pack for the charge and discharge times, 1500 times working fixed number of year is 3. 5 years or so. Lithium battery life depends on the depth of discharge, the discharge depth is larger, the short service life. When the lithium battery is excessive discharge to the output voltage is zero, will cause the battery inside a large number of lead sulfate are paid to battery cathode surface absorption, form the battery cathode 'sulphate. Due to the lead sulfate itself is a kind of insulators, the formation of it will spread to the battery charge and discharge performance influence. Therefore, the more sulfate formed on the cathode board, the greater the internal resistance of battery, battery charge and discharge performance is poorer, its service life is shorter. Can't completely discharge, avoid excessive discharge, discharge rate between 30% ~ 50%. Lithium battery water loss is one of the factors that affect its service life, water loss will lead to electrolyte density increase, battery grid corrosion, reduce the active substances of lithium-ion batteries, thus reduce the capacity of lithium-ion batteries due to its service life. Initial charge are in good condition, will seriously affect the service life of lithium-ion batteries. Must be in full charge state, not fully charge will reduce battery life. Different manufacturers or different Ann when lithium battery join together in practice is not desirable. Because that would reduce the service life of lithium-ion batteries; In contrast, some enterprises lithium battery forklift maintenance is very good, at the time of our company to replace the replacement battery in shenzhen, do a very good clean appearance, connection, is purely a battery has reached the use fixed number of year, so a set of lithium battery forklift bring enterprise value and price is proportional. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=717& lid=83
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