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Lithium battery forklift unusually high temperature, how to deal with?

by:Vglory      2020-09-08
Lithium battery forklift caused abnormal high temperature, heat, smoke, etc. , need to immediately stop the forklift operation, stop charging, must further detection and vehicle battery, charger, etc all kinds of the cause of the high temperature can affect the battery, if continued large current discharge forklift battery, lithium battery high temperature, electrolyte volatilizes quickly, plate burning, active substances, plate, of course, aging, make lithium battery internal resistance increases, produces a lot of heat resistance in the process of using, also cause high temperature lithium battery, this situation exists potential safety hazard, must be timely replacement of lithium batteries; There is forklift circuit boards, as everybody knows, forklift rely on lithium battery as a driving force, once appear, fault, then the battery current also increases, the cause of high temperature also exists certain may, forklift driver to often feel with the hand forklift battery temperature, forklift lead-acid lithium-ion batteries in charging or discharging, had better not exceed 35 degrees Celsius temperature. His hands touched the lithium battery shell, can feel the temperature, means more than 35 degrees, temperature more than 35 degrees Celsius, the plate oxide is easy to fall off, shorten the service life of the battery, or even damaged, high temperature will shorten the service life of lithium-ion batteries, in 60 ° environment, lithium battery life can only be half rated life. Low temperature will reduce the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, under the environment of 50 ° F, lithium battery will lose about 40% of capacity. As a result, the temperature of the battery compartment must be centralized control. The highest and lowest temperature difference should be less than 25 Between 35 °. Or you will make a battery monomer of float charging voltage is not stable, our company is shenzhen traction forklift battery level agents, have many years manufacturing experience, can provide a variety of solutions. More news source
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