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Lithium battery forklift 'temperature effect'

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Lithium battery forklift 'greenhouse effect' we appellation temperature fluctuations, the height of the temperature on the impact of forklift lithium battery capacity is very big, discharge charge differentiation can feel out from the temperature. Lithium battery room temperature is too high, plate corrosion will aggravate, serious when can make the electrolyte dry, melting, even burst. In determining the battery life and temperature relations, a general experience is: more than 25 ℃, the average temperature rise every 8. 3 ℃ battery life is shortened by 50%. General float charging voltage is set under 25 ℃, every increase 1 ℃, float charging 0 drop in pressure. 003 v/monomer.
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