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Lithium battery forklift short-ship two pieces of feasible?

by:Vglory      2020-08-19
Lithium battery forklift is divided into 24 v, 48 v, 72 v, 80 v voltage combination of several different forms, with 2 v monomer as a benchmark, together, 48 v lithium battery forklift have 24 pieces of battery, with 2 pieces of whether it is feasible to so little? We know the general 48 v constant pressure constant current charging machine is intelligent charging machine, forklift users use lithium battery reaches a certain fixed number of year, due to reasons such as money, customers do not want to change immediately, need to wait until all the end when the replacement for the whole life, on the monomer of broken, can cut two only? Some charger for low voltage, charging cannot be identified, below 43 v charger doesn't work, some of the charger with the function of the initial charge, even if the two pieces of less, so the machine works, the forklift lithium battery charging current output, but this after, monomer forklift battery voltage is higher, the working hours will be less 1 - 2 hours, can barely use. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=688& lid=83
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