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Lithium battery forklift monomer limitations

by:Vglory      2020-09-03
You should all know that lithium battery forklift depend on monomer composition, not one or two together, several series series with the welding line, or even between each battery, may be at work does not reach hundred equilibrium, now, it seems, between monomer points all have limitations, lead to differences on manufacturing, product quality problems, make the design of lithium battery life and reliability index is hard to believe. Consider another way, negative plate how much larger than the positive plate can make the best absorb oxygen, how much the battery internal pressure is the most easily when the gas composition, how special seal can make the water won't escape, how special negative plate made of H + ions will not precipitate or less precipitation. For the above problems, a lot of forklift lithium battery manufacturers have different attitudes and practices, at present, all kinds of lithium battery field use results show that the lithium battery run more than 3 years, but many battery capacity decline, began to appear in the 2 years in particular brand of a few homebred brand and design on flawed, forklift lithium-ion batteries in the use of late, must balance two months recharge time, otherwise the battery follow-up ability is very weak.
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