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Lithium battery forklift desulfurization must have what conditions?

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
A set of lithium battery forklift prices in the price of 5000 yuan to 5000 yuan have, use more or less when there are other reasons lead to shorten the battery life, so that a new set of replacement, cost increase, very not or calculate, but not all forklift battery is suitable for desulfurization repair, repair under the following simple about what it takes for the lithium battery forklift? Screening can repair lead-acid sulfide lithium battery should meet the following criteria: ( 1) Lithium battery appearance without deformation, leakage, fever, leakage phenomenon. ( 2) Lithium battery internal short circuit or open circuit phenomenon. ( 3) The electrolyte has no obvious adverse phenomenon such as turbidity and black. ( 4) Repair of lithium-ion batteries use time is generally not more than a year. ( 5) Terminal voltage higher than the rated voltage of more than 20%. ( 6) The initial capacity of lithium-ion batteries should be above 30%. Among them, the deformation of the lithium battery, leakage phenomenon can be observed by the naked eye; The phenomenon such as short circuit, open circuit can use a multimeter and capacity tester testing; Initial capacity dong can charge and discharge way to get a more accurate numerical. Detecting method of electrolyte is first in the lithium battery seals, determine the lithium battery with no leakage after shaking lithium-ion batteries, make the liquid and plate to fully mix, then use the electrolyte density meter sucked out electrolyte, whether the liquid is cloudy and dark. If appear black electrolyte, lithium battery plate has been softened, the lithium battery cannot repair; If electrolyte color is normal, the lithium battery capacity decline to the plate, the main reasons for such a lithium battery can be repair, in fact, the so-called repair is the last time to activate, it's very hurt the battery life, if there is other way to try not to choose the desulfurization, short-term may receive some effect, but the continuation of life up to six months. The literature
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