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Lithium battery forklift battery and car comparative

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
Forklift battery with long and large current discharge, commonly in the fork or loading, need the output current, if start the car battery use in this regard, it is easy to pad out powder, make excessive discharge, plate breakdown; Life is not long, in the domestic, forklift battery life in 800 - deep cycle 1200 times or so, in the case of no shortage of liquid, normal can reach more than 2 years, using tubular plate production, generally used in batteries, batteries due to powerful is often used as power battery, by the way tube plate, perforated pipe with active material of a kind of positive plate. Perforated pipe by woven fiber pressure molding, can protect the active material is not easy to fall off, so the life is long. Generally as a positive plate, and paste type negative plate assembly into deep discharge type fixed or traction with lithium batteries. Traction battery fault is easy to dehydrate, must often maintenance, easy to leak, electrolyte is not clean, environmental protection. In the positive plate the tubular type section, can effectively prevent the material loss, the positive plate skeleton by multielement alloy die-casting molding, good corrosion resistance, long service life. Negative plate is paste type plate, special plate grid structure design, improve the utilization rate of the living quality and large current discharge capacity, charging accept ability is strong, so car lithium-ion batteries? Car lithium-ion batteries in general as a starter, instantaneous large current discharge, in order to achieve the auxiliary lighting as the goal, lead calcium alloy for grid frame is adopted, so the charge when the water quantity is little, water evaporation capacity is also low, coupled with the outer seal structure, the release of acid gas is very few, so it is compared with the traditional lithium-ion batteries, has no need to add any liquid, pile head for wiring and power advantages of long storage time. In terms of price, car lithium-ion batteries below forklift battery price; But in terms of market share, overall sales car lithium-ion battery is much bigger than a forklift battery. The article from the
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