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Lithium battery forklift and forklift battery demand growth

by:Vglory      2020-08-19
Lithium battery forklift depend on forklift battery as energy, when the battery forklift growth in market demand, then form a complete set of battery also enjoy the forklift industry prosperity, is lead-acid battery consumption in our country, the environmental protection consciousness of people is more and more strong, for big polluters strong selectivity of motor vehicles is more and more low, lithium battery forklift meet the requirements of the various aspects, especially in food and clothing live line, food industry, application of tops; So forklift battery is the product must be in the future, the development of a benign space; Including in the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain and some other capitalist countries, also realize that battery forklift trucks bring benefits, promote the development of it, electric never combustion more environmental protection and energy saving, we come to the simple from several aspects to evaluate the forklift battery performance: comparison from the durability, safety, durability, maintenance and so on aspects to evaluate. Lithium battery industry has always been a hot spot, its application is very broad, such as car lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery forklift, future prospects are very good, and in the forklift industry, as the core component of power, the importance is self-evident, and electric forklift, electric stacker, electric forklift truck the future developing trend of environmental protection and energy saving, it has huge potential in the future, so what's the models use lithium battery forklift truck industry? Lithium battery is mainly used in: four to forklifts, hand push electric stackers car, three pivot counterweight forklift, four fulcrum balance weight, reach forklift forklift, three pivot mini forklift, push electric stacker, electric truck, fully electric stacker, ammunition counterweight forklift truck, electric forklifts, electric explosion-proof forklift for cold storage, a balance weight on foot forklift truck, electric drum stacker crane, three support legs piling car, location, four support leg stacker, four fulcrum wide-legged stacker, fork basket has chosen car, four pivot double-layer stacker, manual oil drum handling car, car, other carrier, etc. These use lithium batteries, lithium batteries also have a lot of shortcomings, such as the time is shorter, now in general use lithium battery to use long time must be more section, and the charge is ventilated environment requirement, relative to other sources than batteries cost is higher, and need specialist maintenance battery, charger, these things are very easy to bad, and charging for power supply, these are the limiting factor, but the advantages of lithium battery, such as environmental protection, energy conservation and so on, under the circumstances of international environmental protection and energy saving, it will cause the attention of various industries. Demand for lithium battery forklift industry, especially since 7 years electric forklift, electric stacker, electric truck market demand is very big, expanding the market, relative to the internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts, more energy efficient ring is more suitable for indoor work, the future development of lithium battery technology is more or less affect forklift industry, such as domestic lithium battery forklift tonnage biggest now also is only 7 tons, forklift limited is the root cause of lithium battery can't keep up with technology, battery capacity is small, difficult maintenance, use shortcomings, such as the time is short, so seems to have become a forklift battery industry in the development of a block, lithium battery technology breakthrough will is the Gospel of the forklift truck industry; Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD is a professional wholesale GS forklift battery, newsletter and batteries, torches, battery and so on well-known battery brand; Linde, heli, and hangzhou forklift truck, komatsu, force, hyster, eternal force, daewoo, jac forklift brand, etc. Focus on more lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=690& lid=83
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