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Lithium battery forklift and 2 vups cell differentiation

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Forklift truck is given priority to with 2 v lithium-ion batteries, UPS battery series is 2 v battery, applied in a different way, however, is mainly used for industrial electric forklift forklift battery, lithium-ion battery as core, the vehicle driving vehicle, is a kind of deep cycle discharge the battery, and 2 vups battery difference is that UPS is a kind of emergency or storage battery, often also use solar energy, wind energy, power distribution ark, but plate formula is different, the former is tubular plate, suitable for large current charging and large current discharge, the latter is floating charge current, weak current charging, the output current is small, now, lithium batteries are widely used in various devices, including auto starter, all kinds of portable equipment and tools, electrical system, etc. Hybrid electric vehicles and pure electric vehicles demand for lithium battery make lithium battery technology continue to improve, in order to reduce costs, improve performance, such as reducing its weight and increase their life. Relative to a battery, lithium battery low impact on the environment, in the whole life cycle of carbon emissions is less, and most of the lithium batteries can be recycled. Although the starting of lithium-ion batteries cost is higher, but as a result can be used repeatedly, the average gauge its cost is much cheaper than a battery instead, forklift lithium battery life is calculated by cycles, industry warranty is one year, but most as energy storage battery has 3 years warranty, difference is very big. The article comes from
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